Versatile Woven Gabion Be Used in Many Applications

Woven gabion is made from double twisted hexagonal mesh. Its heavier selvedges reinforced the wire container. Woven gabion baskets are flat-packed before assembly. Unpack the folded basket and fill graded stones into the container and cover the lid when the cage is filled.

Woven gabion baskets can be easily amended on site to suit project requirements. Modular nature of gabion baskets is very suitable for many applications such as retaining wall.


  • Excellent performance in accommodating differential settlements.
  • Edges will not unravel or unzip.
  • Huge deformability to suit special space.
  • Galvanized wire makes it possible exposed to water.
  • Easy and quick installation
A twisted gabion basket from galfan wire

Twisted or woven gabion basket is designed with heavier selvedge wire to sustain impacts and friction.

Gabion wing wall of a semi-circle shaped tunnel

Gabion wing wall not only saves project time but can be reused

Plants grow on river retaining wall

River retaining wall is designed to hold water there

Woven gabions used for making curved gravity retaining wall

Woven hexagonal gabion adding a special texture to garden

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