Sack Gabion Gives a Quick and Secure Choice for Water Control

Sack gabion diagram

Sack gabion is a cylindroid shaped bag

Sack gabion construction in a river bed

Sack gabion construction

Sack gabion is a cylindrical bag made of double twisted steel woven mesh panel. It is assembled by rolling the mesh panel into a cylindrical shape and overlapping the selvedge edges. Inserted steel wire which runs through the sack facilitates tightening the bag when it is filled with riprap.

Sack gabions are filled with stones on the job site forming flexible and permeable structures and extensively used in river training, bank reinforcement, slope protection and similar applications.

Compared with other gabions which have rectangular or square profile, gabion bag has no requirement of foundation conditions and will create a firm platform. Hence, gabion sack is especially suitable for emergency conditions when the found is not prepared.

A gabion bag is used to control flood

Gabion bag is an excellent choice for fighting with the flood. It can be finished filling with in much shorter time.


  • Not requiring leveled and grades foundation.
  • Poor foundation is suitable.
  • Large-scale deformation.
  • Inserted steel line facilitates sack tightening.
  • Filling like crushed stone is very cheap.
  • Easy and quick installation ideal for emergency.
  • Thick zinc coating effectively expand service life.

Gabion Sacks specifications:

  • Selvedge wire: 3.4 mm diameter.
  • Aperture of 80×100 mm.
  • wire diameter: 2.7 mm.
Gabion Sack Dimensions
Length (m) Diameter (m) Volume (m3)
1.8 0.6 0.54
2.7 0.6 0.80
1.8 0.9 1.2
2 0.65 0.66
0.95 0.94
3 0.65 0.99
0.95 1.41
4 0.65 1.32

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