Landscape Gabion Wall Makes Life Interesting

Gabion wall is used to protect river bank, sea shore and erosion control since the 19th century. Now, creative designers and DIY amateur have introduced gabion wall into daily life. Gabion wall can replace common chain link fence in residential place. It is different and rustic appearance makes the whole house interesting. At the same time, it can protect your privacy.

Landscape gabion wall is frequently found in the park and garden. It can replace concrete structure or steel structure and produce a unique view.

Gabion wall is used places where fence is not allowed

Gabion wall adds interests and different outlook to your property. It is a great alternative to chain link fence or welded wire fence which allows sight through.

Landscape gabion wall adds different texture to the park

Gabion retaining wall holds back the earth and increase view to park

A special letterbox made of gabion box

Different gabion letter box attracts attention

Five chairs in front of a gabion wall corner

At a corner of the park, gabion retaining wall creates a special casual atmosphere

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