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Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are fabricated by heavy wire, PVC coated, galvanized or Galfan coated. Widely used in soil erosion control, embankment reinforcement.

Welded Gabion

Welded gabion provides optimum alternative for many civil engineering projects. Its effective cost, modular structure and recyclability make it very popular.

Woven Gabion

Woven hexagonal gabions are used as retaining wall, mattress and garden scape wall. It is great flexibility makes it possible to suit many spacing.

Gabion Mattress

Gabion mattress is a flat-shaped gabion basket. It is widely used to protect river bank, shore, riverbed, slopes and other places where need flat gabion structure.

Sack Gabion

Sack gabion is a cylindrical unit of twisted wire mesh. Great flexibility, permeability and poor foundation requirement make it superior in emergency situations.

Trapezoidal Gabion Wall

Trapezoidal gabion wall is rigid and stable for its inclined degrees to horizontal. Standard sizes and custom sizes can be provided.

Hesco Barriers

Hesco barrier will quickly come to use for its modular structure and quick filling by front end loader. All popular and custom sizes are provided.

Reinforced Gabion

Reinforced gabion is similar to common woven gabion. Its parallel steel wires add strength and increase stability and life expectancy.

Landscape Gabion Wall

Gabion wall is not only used to protect bank, shore and soil, but also makes your house, garden and park interesting for its rustic looks.