Hydraulic Gabion Wall Gives River a Secure Guarantee

Hydraulic gabion wall is formed by woven or welded gabion baskets which are filled with rigid stones. Initially, gabion baskets were used to protect river bank, riverway and shore where are easily be broken by storm rains.

Compared with conventional structure such as concrete and loose stone pack, gabion basket has many advantages. Its great permeability allows for groundwater drainage and reduces wall pressure. What is more, flexibility makes the gabion structure change according to the terrain.

In addition, gabion wall is a lot cheaper and can be installed quickly for emergent conditions.

Grass grows on gabion retaining wall along a river

Beside a small river surrounded by trees, the gabion wall is composed of two layers of gabion basket. Green lush grass grown on it and this retaining wall prevent soil erosion

Creek gabion wall protection along a country golf course

Creek gabion bank preventing soil loss

Gabion retaining wall of a small river which runs through residential area

Gabion retaining wall in a residential area

Gabion mattress along a stream reducing soil and water loss when rainy season comes

Gabion mattress protecting river slopes from soil erosion

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