Gabion Retaining Wall Adding View to Slopes

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is designed to hold soil, rocks and water in place, especially for unnatural slopes. Retaining wall is often found in sloping ground for it is substantial and sturdy enough to prevent soil erosion.

Retaining wall is designed to hold soil and rocks in the place and prevent soil erosion caused by sloping ground and rain wash. A gabion retaining wall can be straight or a series of steps, which allows for more attractive design as well as more efficient erosion control. What is more, plants, flowers can be planted on the wall, which adds texture and interest to the environment.

A feature retaining wall beside a new build house which is built in the side of a hill

Gabion retaining wall of a small hill preventing soil erosion

Gabion wall is green for it is covered by green plants

Plants growing on gabion wall strengthens the structure

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