Gabion Retaining Wall Controlling Soil Erosion and Decoration

Gabion is a large wire container of stone, rock, broken concrete, and sometimes gravel and soil (just for Hesco gabion). Initially, Egyptians used gabion baskets to fight with flood and protect the shores of the Nile River. During World WarⅠ, gabions filled with sand, soil or gravel are wildly used in fortification to protect soldiers from explosion.

In recent years, gabion baskets have been extensively used in a great number of civil engineering projects as well as military applications. in addition, its special stone texture and rigid gravity wall feature make it very popular among gardeners, landscapers and gabion DIY fans.

As a pioneer manufacturer of gabion, Hebei Lvhua Gabion Wall Company has been in this field for more than 20 years. We've trained a professional technical team and skilled work staff. They know how to improve the quality and how to make gabion retaining wall construction stable.

Hot Products

Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are fabricated by heavy wire, PVC coated, galvanized or Galfan coated. Widely used in soil erosion control, embankment reinforcement.

Welded Gabion

Welded gabion provides optimum alternative for many civil engineering projects. Its effective cost, modular structure and recyclability make it very popular.

Woven Gabion

Woven hexagonal gabions are used as retaining wall, mattress and garden scape wall. It is great flexibility makes it possible to suit many spacing.

Gabion Mattress

Gabion mattress is a flat-shaped gabion basket. It is widely used to protect river bank, shore, riverbed, slopes and other places where need flat gabion structure.


Gabion Noise Barrier

Gabion noise barrier not only absorb noises but also decorate the landscape. Its rustic texture adds a unique view to dull environment.

Gabion Retaining Wall

Gabion retaining wall is an effective alternative to hold earth, rock and water in place. Special texture, good permeability and low cost make it a prior choice.

Hydraulic Gabion Wall

Gabion wall is superior to concrete bank in preventing soil and water loss because of its permeability, flexibility, easy installation and cheap cost.

Bruce, from Holland

Exactly strong gabion walls

We purchased the hot-dipped galvanized woven gabions for our dam reinforcement.

Bruce, Holland

Denny, from Philippians

Beautiful landscape gabion wall

I purchase the welded gabions to decorate my garden, including bench, gabion planter and gabion wall. After filling stones, they really looked perfect, I love them so much.

Denny, Philippians

Evan, from Pakistan

Defensive hesco gabions

We purchase the Hesco gabions for military defense. Folded and solid structure protects our military sites. Perfect!

Evan, Pakistan

Fred, from Thailand

Woven gabion stabilize our slope.

We purchase the woven gabions to protect the stability of slope in our area. They really performed well and there is no landslide any more.

Fred, Thailand